Therapy Expectations

LIPOSORBER is a lifelong therapy that can help FH patients achieve lower LDL-C and Lp(a) levels and reduce the progressive risk of cardiovascular diseases. In order to maintain lower cholesterol levels in the blood, patients should repeat the procedure regularly. You will discuss with your provider your treatment frequency and duration, based on your specific levels.

Therapy Preparation*

24 hours prior to having treatment, make sure you are drinking plenty of water. The more water you drink, the plumper your veins are. This makes it easier for the nurse to find and access your vein. Ideally, you should drink 6-8 cups of water before your treatment.

What to avoid prior to treatment:

  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Fatty Foods

You can eat and drink during the treatment of LIPOSORBER. It is recommended to wear loose fitting clothes to stay comfortable. Wearing short sleeve shirts make it easier for the nurse to access your vein for treatment. Use the bathroom before the process begins to avoid having to go during treatment.

What you may want to bring to treatment:

  • Book
  • Tablet/phone
  • Headphones
  • List of current medications

*Therapy preparation may vary by patient. Please consult with your doctor.

Therapy Frequency

The entire procedure takes approximately 2-4 hours to perform, depending on the patients plasma volume. At any given time (on average), only about 400 ml (less than 1 pint) of your blood (170ml) and plasma (230ml) are circulating outside the body. Providers have found that most patients report a comfortable experience during the treatment, but individual experiences may vary.

Once Per Week

Individuals with an LDL cholesterol level starting at 300mg/dl or higher will benefit from treatment once every week.

Once Every Two Weeks

Individuals with LDL-cholesterol levels starting at 200 mg/dl or lower after diet and maximum tolerable drug therapy will benefit from treatment once every two weeks.

In order to maintain a lower level of Lp(a) and LDL cholesterol in your blood, you should repeat the procedure regularly and follow your doctor’s treatment plan. Note that if treatment is discontinued, Lp(a) and LDL-C levels will increase. Consult with your doctor and follow their recommended treatment plan.

LIPOSORBER® Treatment Overview

Blood is withdrawn: Blood is taken from one arm and pumped through the LIPOSORBER system where it is thinned.

Blood is thinned: Anticoagulation, or blood thinning, is necessary for all treatments in which blood is removed. Heparin is used to prevent the blood from clotting.

LDL-C, Lp(a) & VLDL is removed: Plasma passes through the LIPOSORBER system, which selectively removes the bad cholesterol (LDL-C), Lp(a) and VLDL from the blood.

Blood is returned to body: Plasma is recombined with the blood cells and warmed, then returned to the patient.

*process may vary by patient