Practice Benefits

LIPOSORBER® Provides Hope When Drug Therapy Fails™

LIPOSORBER Can Benefit Your Practice

Consider LIPOSORBER as a comprehensive treatment line for your FH, elevated Lp(a), and primary FSGS patients.

Practice benefits include:

  • Reimbursement consultation
  • Insurance coverage by Medicare and most commercial insurers
  • User-friendly automated continuous-flow system
  • Therapy can be performed in hospital outpatient or physician office-based setting

Comprehensive support for starting a program includes:

  • Clinical staff training*
  • Nurse hot-line support
  • Technical support
  • Educational awareness initiatives, seminars, and grand rounds.

*Personnel must be qualified to perform extracorporeal procedures and complete required training program.

If you are interested in starting a lipoprotein-apheresis program in your area or need help referring a patient for treatment, please contact us at 800-526-3522 or

Learn more about LIPOSORBER treatment for your FH,
elevated Lp(a), and FSGS patients:

Cardiovascular Disease
Help reduce coronary
events and alleviate symptoms of
FH and elevated LDL-C and Lp(a).

Kidney Disease
Enable steroid-resistant primary
FSGS patients to attain complete
or partial remission.